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1 December 2021

What Were the Biggest Cultural Trends of 2021 That Shaped This Year’s Pop Culture?

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2021 was a big news year, in a lot of ways. But, our cultural trends, as always, have played a very significant role in the current pop culture landscape.

Read on to find out about the top trends of 2021 that shaped our pop culture.

The Cultural Impact of COVID-19

Of course, the biggest event that shaped our world in 2021 was the COVID-19 pandemic. From vaccines to variants, it was present in the news landscape.

And, it played a huge role in various forms of pop culture, including movies and televisions. The COVID-19 pandemic limited production operations, which meant that for part of the year, there was a dearth of content at all. Even when production started up again, many shows and movies faced limitations and shutdowns.

Plus, COVID-19 influenced the stories we saw on screen. From Superstore to Grey’s Anatomy, from Ted Lasso to Euphoria to the Morning Show, shows had to decide if and how they’d be including COVID-19 in their storylines.


Nostalgia played a huge role in pop culture this year. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting back together after over a decade was one of the biggest stories of the year. And, that’s not the only throwback that popped into the public consciousness this year. Throwbacks have made a big impact in the fashion world.

And, these trends look like they’ll continue into 2022. People are always looking for a nostalgia fix. That’s how Stranger Things ended up becoming so popular. And, that’s why HBO chose to create a Sex And The City sequel series, coming out this year.

Plus, it’s easy to work throwbacks and nostalgia into your social media presence. That’s what Throwback Thursday on Instagram is for!


The ongoing conservatorship of pop icon Britney Spears made a big splash in the public consciousness when the singer finally got to testify on the public record for the first time in over a decade in July of this year.

Britney’s groundbreaking testimony discussed how her autonomy was taken from her, right down to her right to communicate with others and decide what to do with her body. If she disagreed, her ability to see her sons were threatened.

Britney’s fight for freedom has been a major milestone in the fight for disability rights and mental health awareness in the United States and around the world. It also made a huge impact on the pop culture landscape.

Many different documentaries and podcasts exploring Britney’s experience were produced. And, now that Britney’s free, she’ll be able to create music on her own terms once again.

Now You Know About Important Pop Culture Trends of 2021

Clearly, these top trends of 2021 had a huge influence on our pop culture landscape. But, it’s one thing to understand them. You also need to know how to utilize these trends for your business needs.

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