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20 October 2022  •  James Wharton

Marketing for car dealerships during a shortage

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The global chip shortage has wreaked havoc on over 150 industries, car manufacturers included.

Over the past couple of years, inventory shortages for new vehicles have resulted in the increase in costs for both new and used vehicles. Dealers are exploring different options for bringing in revenue, from vehicle trade-ins to emphasizing vehicle servicing. With the shortage of new vehicles still proving to be an issue in late 2022, auto dealers looking to move the needle more and increase their revenue should consider working with an automotive marketing agency.

In this article, we will break down the how an automotive marketing agency can help you to grow your business despite headwinds ranging from inflation to supply chain issues. Read on to learn more.

Coming by it honestly

The thing about the global chip shortage is that it’s been so highly publicized that essentially everyone is aware of it. Customers know that dealers are struggling to fill their lots with new cars, particularly models that are in higher demand.

With the right PR strategy, you can move past the fact that there aren’t as many new cars on your lot and focus on the positives. It’s not that there aren’t any cars, it’s that the selection isn’t as vast as it normally would be, and wait times for new vehicles may be longer than desired. Dealers are also offering vehicle repair/ maintenance and trade-in deals to bring in customers that aren’t necessarily looking to purchase a new car.

Pushing custom orders

As a dealership, you’ve dealt with custom orders before. With an inventory shortage, you’ll have to place far more emphasis on this mode of car buying. Yes, people are going to have to wait for their vehicles, but they’ll be able to drive their custom dream car when it arrives.

An auto marketing agency will be able to help you focus your online marketing strategy on the customization aspect. You can also tailor your web and app development to the fact that you’re prioritizing custom orders. This will appeal to any buyer looking for the perfect new vehicle, who is also willing to spend a bit more for exactly what they want.

Perfecting Local Marketing

A local marketing strategy, complete with local SEO tactics and paid advertising, will put your dealership at the top of the listings. Create content informing your readers that you still have inventory and upsell your services within your advertisements.

The more you can appeal to new customers, the faster you’ll be able to sell the inventory you do have. If your sales numbers remain high during a shortage, they’ll skyrocket when the shortage is over.

Improving Engagement with Social Media

It’s crucial to build a strong bond with your audience on social media. As a local business, you can position yourself as an important part of the community. Bolster other local businesses and always engage with your audience as much as possible.

Social media is about branding and relationship building. A good digital marketing agency can help you establish your brand and create customer loyalty that wasn’t there before. People will come to your dealership first because they like you and you’ve gained their trust.

Choose the best auto marketing agency

Auto marketing is never easy, but it’s especially complicated during a car shortage. With a good automotive marketing agency backing you up, you can use the tactics we’ve discussed here to show new and old customers that you’re still the best dealership to get a new or used car, service your vehicle or trade in your old car.

At Bastion Amplify, we’re Southern California’s top agency for social media marketing, PR, and digital advertising. There’s nobody better to help you boost car sales during an inventory shortage, so contact us today to find out how we can help.

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