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5 February 2024

Cancer Institute targets young vapers in new intense campaign via Bastion

every vape is a hit to your health

The Cancer Institute NSW have launched a new vaping behaviour change campaign, targeting 14-24 year olds.

The new campaign, ‘Every vape is a hit to your health’ has been developed by Bastion Agency to highlight the serious health harms caused by vaping. It features real stories from young people who have vaped and experienced first hand the terrifying health consequences of vaping. Respiratory doctors also feature, sharing the evidence and experience they’ve had of vapes causing serious health problems.  

“We are continuing to get more evidence of the harms vaping is causing and the results are terrifying. We know that the ingredients used in vapes are known to cause cancer, lung damage and breathing problems. Tracey, TBD. 

“Hearing firsthand from the young people in the campaign, how much vaping had a hold on them and how it affected their health was really difficult to hear, and they are just a handful of the people who came forward to share their story.”

The strategy was informed by a robust and rigorously evidenced behaviour change model for vaping cessation and the creative idea validated for its ability to effectively change both attitudes and behaviours of young people who vape. It does this in an unexpected way, messaging not just the consequences but also the perceived upside and appeal of vapes in the minds of young people – a key factor in driving relevance and engagement by this audience, who feel understood and informed, rather than lectured at.  

Simon Langley, Group CCO Bastion said “This is a problem so concerning that we felt a huge responsibility on our shoulders to deliver a campaign that is going to make a truly significant impact. We believe this idea is the right one to do and research shows it is primed to hit hard and change behaviour”.

The campaign is live across Cinema, OLV, digital display, OOH, native articles and social media. 

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