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AIA Start Thriving

Start Thriving AIA still
Start Thriving AIA still

Using our science-backed health and wellbeing programme AIA Vitality to reframe the category. Encouraging NZers ‘just getting through life moments’ and start taking small steps to start thriving.



Life insurance has been around forever. And for forever it’s been about sorting your affairs out after you die. So it’s really death insurance.  Health insurance similarly, has been about fixing things that go wrong with you. As part of AIA’s ambitious growth plans, we wanted to reframe the category, refresh the brand and force reappraisal from key audiences in order to grow the market. Our ‘not so secret weapon’ to take this high ground was to celebrate AIA Vitality, our science backed health and wellbeing programme, available on eligible AIA insurance policies. With AIA Vitality – finally life insurance really becomes about living life and health insurance becomes about good health. Instead of protecting you against an eventuality, it becomes about helping people make the most of every day by arming them with the guidance, tools and rewards they need to start thriving.  


Creatively we executed this by tapping into little ‘just getting through life moments’ juxtaposing them with positive thought-provoking messaging to get people really thinking about taking those small steps to start thriving. ​We launched last weekend using short form AV content across multiple TV, Digital and Social channels, alongside interactive & high impact digital placements.

Start Thriving AIA still
Start Thriving AIA still
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