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Earthbar Rebuilding in-store traffic to retail locations during the COVID pandemic

Earthbar In-store
Earthbar In-store

Bastion's digital campaign achieved a 4x ROI over 8 months for a Physical Storefront - during the COVID pandemic.

Social Media

Earthbar tasked Bastion with building demand and driving Incremental foot traffic to a specific set of standalone Earthbar retail locations. The challenge? We were In the middle of a pandemic. With store traffic dwindling everywhere, Earthbar needed to find a way to get people back Into their stores. We leveraged our In-house demand side platform (DSP) and location data partnerships to map out the Earthbar store locations and Its nearby competitors, creating geo-fences that would capture users mobile device ID as they walked Into each store. We also utilized these geo-fences to create look-back audiences, backfilling with people who have walked Into these location In the past year - even before the lockdown.  

The mobile device IDs we captured would then be used as a targetable audience which we would serve ads to. These segments give us the chance to win new customers who are already buying similar products, just from other brands. It also provided an opportunity for driving customer retention and loyalty, working to get your customers in your store with more frequency. But most Importantly, we Identified the users who were going Into these shops before the pandemic, but are likely not going anymore.  

Earthbar Traffic

In addition to the geo-fenced audiences, we deployed other audience segments to ensure we were engaging with users across each stage of the purchase journey - a full-funnel strategy. We leveraged Interest and behavior audiences to reach new, unaware users who aren't actively regulars of any particular Smoothie/Healthfood shop - but would likely enjoy and appreciate the Earthbar offering. Next, we leveraged website retargeting segments to ensure that Earthbar remains top of mind for those who have previously shown Intent to visit. 

Through the first 8 months of the campaign we saw 5,446 Influenced store visits with an average check of $18, resulting in over $100k In attributed revenue - better than a 4x ROI against $25k ad spend.  

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