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6 December 2022  •  Jenna Holcomb

Does it matter how often you post on social media?

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Recent statistics suggest that 41% of local businesses rely on their social media to drive revenue.

Social media is vital, but not every small business has a resident marketing expert in this arena, and they often reach out to a social media marketing agency for help.

With looking at the many types of marketing media available to promote your business, you probably hear a lot of chatter about leveraging your social media. It is an important part of your brand image. You do not need to outright sell or consistently push promotions to be effective either with social media.

Your customers want to see that you are active on social media, but they want to see that your content has value, too. They want it to educate, entertain, or do something else that is helpful. How you help them is how they will recognize you.

If you are not posting at all, it may look as if you have gone out of business.

So, does it matter how often you post on social media? Absolutely! But how much should you post to get optimal social media engagement and results?

Keep reading for full details on optimal frequency.

How much should you post?

It depends on the social media platform. However, across all platforms, the industry average is 11 posts daily. This is not per channel, though, but the total for all platforms.

That may seem like a large undertaking. If you worry about your bandwidth, a social media marketing agency can help.

  • Facebook Posts

The industry average for Facebook is four to five posts daily.

Facebook is a dominant platform with three billion active users monthly. For marketing options, it is the digital space to be seen!

  • LinkedIn Posts

For the industry, typically organizations will not post over one update daily.

LinkedIn is the world's biggest professional networking platform. That is likely the reason behind the fact that weekdays are the best days to post on LinkedIn.

  • Twitter Posts

Three to four tweets daily is the average for the industry.

Twitter is the birthplace of the hashtag. It is popular for emerging news stories and trends.

  • Instagram Posts

The industry average for Instagram is one to two posts daily. Although, this number can vary for each industry, too.

Instagram is the second most downloaded application across the globe, so it is important to be active. It is second to TikTok.

  • TikTok Posts

TikTok itself recommends you post one to four times daily. However, it depends on your audience.

One in four TikTok users is under the age of 20, and 47.4% of TikTok users are under the age of 30. 57% of users are female. So, before you post on TikTok, consider these demographics.


Social media is a powerful tool, but it requires a lot of time and planning to be effective. That is why many businesses find it best to outsource their efforts to a social media marketing agency.

If you are looking to take your organization's social media efforts to the next level, look no further than Bastion Amplify. We are not about us. We are all about you!

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