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12 December 2022  •  Stephanie Fairey

Bold Steps Conference 2022

Bold Steps Conference 2022

Some of our team attended the annual Bold Steps conference last week, an entire day dedicated to inspiring and empowering women in business to make their own bold moves.

This was no small event, with 1100 attendees gathered in Spark Arena to hear from a rockstar range of speakers such as CEO of Sport NZ Raelene Castle, Dr. Lucy Hone, and the Rt Hon. Jacinda Ardern.

Dame Therese Walsh, co-founder of On Being Bold, was the dynamic MC for the event, leading conversations around the importance of having a professional support network, a ‘girl band’, to celebrate the good times and support through the tough times.With such a great lineup of speakers, we walked away with full notebooks. Here’s what resonated with the wāhine of Bastion Shine:‍

Dr. Lucy Hone struck a chord with the team as she imparted three practical tools that are key in becoming more resilient in the face of hardship.

Understand that suffering and struggle are part of life.

A simple fact of life, we all know this but we don’t act like it! We are perfectionists by nature and failure or adversity has the potential to derail us pretty efficiently. Dr. Hone explained that understanding every single person will face tough times in their life stops the ‘why me?’ mentality and allows you to take the knocks in stride.

When the going gets tough, really focus and be aware of where you are choosing to put your attention.

Attention is our most important resource, don’t squander it! Focus on the assets, resources, and what remains when it feels like all is lost.

Ask yourself ‘is this helping or harming me?’

Put your own mentality under the spotlight and consider whether your inner voice is boosting you up or dragging you down. Think to yourself, ‘would I talk to a friend like this?’‍

And some parting quotes inspiring still inspiring us from the Conference:

‘What are you doing every single day to bring another woman with you?’ - Catherine McGrath, CEO Westpac

‘I want to die exhausted, not bored.’ - Silvana Schenone, Managing Director, Jarden and Director, SkyCity Entertainment Group

‘Mission impossible is a culture killer’ - Greg Foran, CEO Air NZ

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