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30 June 2023

Bastion Insights launches Australian-first Golden Voice Community

Bridging the gap in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community understanding.

Bastion’s Cross-Cultural Insights team has launched Australia’s first large-scale, independent, in-language research panel, Golden Voice Community, it’s designed to bridge the gap in understanding between culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities and the wider community. The team works within Bastion Insights and focuses on social, cultural and commercial research and business consulting, targeting the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities residing in Australia, to understand the complexities first-generation migrants’ life and experience in Australia. 

The Golden Voice Community for CALD was developed to close the research and cultural understanding divide between Australia’s multicultural communities  and brands, businesses, and government.

The one-of-a-kind research community currently focuses on discerning and sharing the cultural nuances and views of two of the largest CALD diasporas in Australia - Southern Asian and Chinese.

The highly targeted community is built on direct and ongoing community engagement, with a focus on building trusted relationships before engaging in research.

Bastion Cross-Cultural Insights speaks to thousands of CALD Australians within its Golden Voice Community every month. It plays an active role within each community, educating members on research, and the importance of sharing their voices.

Bastion Insights’ General Manager of Cross-Cultural Insights, Isabel Zhang said they are proud to have the first and only community in Australia to conduct such large-scale CALD quantitative research.

“Our extensive experience of seven years entails close collaboration with CALD communities, engaging with them directly and consistently. This ongoing engagement has earned us the trust of these communities from grassroots levels to higher tiers, resulting in numerous valuable partnerships, including independent esteemed organisations such as VMC (Victorian Multicultural Commission) and several long-term collaborations with federal, state government organisations and top commercial brands. Our approach is truly integrated, combining research and insights to develop effective strategies for communication, marketing, and policymaking,” Isabel said. 

“As diverse, complex, costly, and hard to reach as the CALD community in Australia is, they want and need their voice to be heard. Like all Australians, they have their views and cultural nuances that they want the wider community, businesses, and government to better understand.”

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