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Ferrari x AGP Gala Opening Night

Bastion Experience orchestrated an exclusive 'Ferrari Night' Gala Event at the Ritz Carlton to unveil the SF90 XX Stradale, epitomising Ferrari's luxury and innovation. The event featured tailored opulence, surprises from the Ferrari Formula 1 team, and unique experiences such as a Louis XIII Cognac tasting and live auction.


In anticipation of the Australian Grand Prix, Bastion Experience successfully launched the SF90 XX Stradale. Presenting Ferrari’s pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity through an elegant nighttime experience featuring captivating entertainment and bespoke moments.
The brief was to host a once-in-a-lifetime launch event at the Ritz Carlton, Melbourne, treating Ferrari owners and their guests to an experience that blends Ferrari's DNA with luxury living, rewards customers, and advances innovation to drive sales while celebrating the brand's legacy.

To achieve this, the team collaborated closely with the newly opened Ritz-Carlton to provide guests with an authentic Melbourne experience, complete with sophisticated design and stunning city views. The grand ballroom, inspired by the Great Hall of Melbourne’s National Gallery, provided an ideal venue for our top-class launch event.

Guests were seamlessly immersed in an unforgettable evening where Ferrari's essence intertwined with opulence and innovation. The meticulously tailored execution ensured engagement at every touchpoint throughout the night. Upon entering, the grand foyer resonated with the harmonies of a grand piano, setting the stage for mingling amidst a red-themed aperitivo bar and a prominent photo moment.

Guests indulged in the lavish caviar bar and champagne pairings, with an option to try a bespoke cocktail with a touch of the iconic Ferrari Cavallino. Transitioning into the ballroom, anticipation built as the doors opened to a dynamic space adorned with futuristic table arrays inspired by Ferrari's SF90 XX vehicle. LED strips guided the journey to seats, where personalised table settings awaited. The evening came to life as Charles Le Clerc (Ferrari Formula 1 Driver) and Fred Vasseur (Ferrari Team Principal) took the stage to surprise guests by revealing the SF90 XX vehicle, following a live feature moment with a digital drawing of the vehicle. To capture the attention of the audience, a live auction of Ferrari's most exclusive signed items took place to raise funds for their selected charity on the night.

Experiences were elevated with exclusive offerings like a Louis XIII Cognac tasting, where precision met luxury in the decanting process. Guests indulged in a Venetian Sgroppino cascade over sorbet, a sensory delight enhanced by dry ice theatrics. As the dinner service concluded, the dessert bar beckoned, offering a luxurious finale to the evening, with a wandering violinist adding to the Ferrari-inspired charm.

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